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Anawangin, Philippines

Zambales is a rich city which is also the wreck diving capital of the Philipines. The name is derived from its early inhabitants the worshiping spririts, anitos. The name was derived from the word Sambali which is a Malay word meaning samba or “to worship”. Apart from its spiritual history, the city is blessed by its natural beauty. It has not been influenced by modernization thus people who visit the place will surely love to dwell in its serene beauty. Aside from its sandy beaches and glorious sceneries, tourists also love the various festivals that the city celebrates depending on the season.
One of the most popular destinations for the adventurous spirits is no doubt the Anawangin Cove located in the town of Pundaquit. Adventurers beware because you will definitely be in for a ride as you won’t experience the thrill if you don’t set foot in the mixture of volcanic ash and white sand beach in the Island. The Island is surrounded by mountains of rocks which is said to be formed by volcanic activities throughout the ages. It’s amazing how the Island highlights the beauty of the landscape which makes campers enjoy their stay and appreciate their love for nature.


Anawangin Cove
Capones Island
Camara Island


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